About Us

About Us

Eurostroy RN

is a modern and prosperous company with many years of experience in the Bulgarian market, founded in 2006. We work in the field of industrial, civil and infrastructure construction. Builds, manages and performs construction supervision of solar park projects, as well as the facilities belonging to them.

The activity of the company includes

Complete implementation
and commissioning of residential and public service buildings
Construction of infrastructure sites
Plumbing, sewerage and electrical networks and facilities, playgrounds and urban development
Reconstructions and repair works
of residential and public service buildings and facilities
Construction supervision
energy efficiency survey, design and author’s supervision
Interior design
of residential and public service sites



The company is a regular member of the Chamber of Builders in Bulgaria and has Certificates for construction from I to V group.

Eurostroy RN is authorized to exercise construction supervision during construction and to assess the compliance of investment projects with the essential requirements for construction, for which a Certificate has been issued by the Directorate for National Construction Control at the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works, as well as to perform inspection and certification of buildings. under the Energy Efficiency Act and has a Certificate issued by SEEA.

Throughout the 14-year period of existence and successful development Eurostroy RN has realized:


Construction sites

including residential buildings, offices, shops, administrative buildings, warehouses, infrastructure projects from excavation elevation to commissioning
The sites on which construction supervision has been exercised

Surveys for Energy Efficiency


Designed Buildings



In order to comply with the European and world management principles, the company has developed and implemented an integrated management system in accordance with the requirements of the international standards EN ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 14001: 2015, for which the relevant Certificates have been issued.

In the construction process we always use quality materials and products that meet the Law on Technical Requirements for Products and its bylaws.



The team consists entirely of specialists with higher education in specialties from all fields related to construction processes.

  • Department of Construction – engineering and technical staff and construction specialists with proven experience and skills in carrying out our previous activities in construction.

  • Construction Supervision Division and Energy Efficiency Division – The specialists in the company have been selected according to the requirements of the relevant regulatory framework.

  • Design Department – The engineers and architects of the team have certificates of competence in the relevant fields for the acquired specialization in the implementation of relevant innovations and technologies. They have full design qualifications as members of CEID and Chamber of Architects in Bulgaria.